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Red Cross Makeni Group

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Borrower Description:

These are staff of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Makeni. Makeni is the Northern Province headquarters town, about 185 miles from Freetown. They give vaccines to the people of Makeni against several diseases. They vaccinate against measles for the under-fives, against polio, and against tetanus. They also help in the child delivery process, and in many community development projects.

Notwithstanding all that, this is a volunteer job. They offer all of these services to the people of Makeni without receiving salaries for their services. To make ends meet, however, all of them but two also work at in small-scale businesses (the two who don't plan to use their loans to pay school fees for their children).

Thus they came to SMT for the first time to seek loans to enable them to expand their businesses. Their names are: Annie Toronka, Kaifala Mansaray, Matha R. Kanu, Mohamed L. Bangura, Mabel H. Dickson, Zainab T. Khanu, Amie C. Kabia, Richmond Tarawalie, Fatmata Koroma and Mohammed B. Tarawalie.

Annie K. Toronka is the leader of this group. Annie was born in Fadugu, a village very close to Kabala, Koinadugu District, Northern Sierra Leone. Annie is 46, and her husband works for a local NGO. They have 4 children. Annie now resides with her family in Makeni where she works for the Red Cross and at the same time is in business. Annie will use part of her loan to improve her son's "video-centre" (a cinema, using 4×6 size televisions) and with the balance she will buy an "Okada" (motor-bike used as a taxi).

Country of Borrower:
Sierra Leone
Country Region of Borrower:
Length of Loan:
10 months - repaid monthly
Primary Activity:
Motorcycle Transport
Loan Use:
Buy a motor-bike
Amount of Loan Requested:
Amount of Loan Funded:
Kiva Loan Number:
Date Posted:
Sep 1, 2008
Date Funded:
Sep 1, 2008
Group Members:

Maohammed B. Tarawalie
Fatmata Koroma
Richmond Tarawalie
Amie C. Kabbia
Zainab T. Khanu
Mabel H. Dickson
Mohammed L. Bangura
Matha R Kanu
Kaifala Mansaray
Annie K. Toronka

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