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Bienestar en Dios (Well-being in God) Groups II-3, I-4&5

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Borrower Description:

Yuly Remy Rosa lives in a Haitian batey, a housing community provided by the sugarcane companies for their poor field workers. In her little wooden house with a tin roof and cement floor, Yuly lives with her husband and two children, ages 4 and 6.
In order to contribute to the family income, especially in the sugarcane off season, Yuly has a small business selling clothing. She buys the clothing in the capital of Santo Domingo, about 2 hours away from where she lives, and sells the clothing in the touristy beach city of Bavaro, another two hours of travel in the opposite direction. When she travels for work, her mother cares for her two children.

Yuly has successfully repaid 3 loans to Esperanza International and is now requesting her fourth. With the money she hopes to continue growing her business so that she can one day afford her own house and send her children to college so that they can have professional careers.

Note: This is a group loan for 13 people.

Country of Borrower:
Dominican Republic
Country Region of Borrower:
El Seybo
Length of Loan:
6 months - repaid monthly
Primary Activity:
Clothing Sales
Loan Use:
To be able to sell more clothing and care for her two kids.
Amount of Loan Requested:
Amount of Loan Funded:
Kiva Loan Number:
Date Posted:
Sep 1, 2008
Date Funded:
Sep 1, 2008
Group Members:
Martha Medina Del Rosar
Miguelina Laguer
Yuderqui Sarmiento Montil
Alinda Luis Pierre
Miguelina Arredondo
Leonelia De La Rosa
Rene Rosena (not pictured)
Damaso Sarmiento Montil
Marie Andrenie (not pictured)
Guarionex Medina Ruiz
Elizabeth Ramirez Guerrero
Petronila Perarta
Yuly Remy Rosa
Field Partner:

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